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Shapee Le Mere Duet Shoulder Cooler Bag

RM 89.90

Le Mère Duet Shoulder Bag - made for mamas who put her small family first in everything she does but never neglect herself when it comes to beauty & style.

  • Multifunction. Ideal for any type of occasion & use
    • storing breast milk
    • portable bag for daily use, lunch & picnic or storing cold beverage 
    • cosmetic bag 
  • Style it the way you love
    • arm carry
    • hand carry 
    • shoulder sling
  • Dirt proof fabric. 
  • Big compartment. 
    • Insulated compartment can fit up to 6 milk bottle with 1 ice pack
    • front pocket to insert your belongings such as - phone / pouch bag 
  • Insulated compartment ideal to keep your breast milk fresh when you are outside. It has a long-cooling effect and are heat-sealed.
  • Lightweight, convenient & durable