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Numom Luxe Handsfree Cup With Rechargeable Breast Pump

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RM 559.00
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RM 559.00
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RM 559.00
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Numom Luxe with NEW Added Features

Motor Pump

  • Short press PLAY/PAUSE button if you wish to pause your pumping at any point in time.
  • Lock screen function.
  • Memory mode function.



  • Slimmer design to make it compatible to most nursing bras.
  • Slim Cup: 5oz
  • Plastic cover and connector customized design.


Why must you choose Numom Luxe?

      • Low noise and battery power saving
      • Efficient, mimic baby suction to achieve painless pumping
      • 200g breast pump that fits in the palm of your hand
      • Powerful in expression with the speed function
      • Consists of expression and stimulation modes with 9 levels each
      • Easy to read the display shown on the breast pump
      • Auto switch off activated after 30 minutes
      • Memory setting allow you to pump that meet precisely to your need
      • Long lasting battery. 5-6 sessions (15-20 minutes each), 3-4 sessions (30 minutes each)
      • Available in 3 modes : Stimulation, expression and mix mode


Complete with accessories:

      • Customized Tubing Connector – Flexibility tubing direction
      • Made as a double silicone and handsfree 
      • Can fit 24 mm of nipple sizes
      • Double layer silicone edging to prevent leaking
      • The inner handsfree designed to prevent back flow effectively
      • Compact pump body design, easy to store
      • Provide equal pressure throughout pumping, resulting in lowering the pain and increase the soothe factor
      • Easy to clean & storage