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Empreus Smart Bluetooth Handsfree Wearable

RM 499.00

πŸ‘‰Bluetooth (more secretly)

πŸ‘‰Skin color

πŸ‘‰Silm & Light Weight

πŸ‘‰lean in a relaxed position with 45 degree

πŸ‘‰Switzerland TR55 Milk Collection Cup

πŸ‘‰Liquid Silicone Breast Shield

πŸ‘‰Android / IOS

We can customized the suction strength to your liking. There are six suction options to choose from:

  1. Hard Suction
  2. Hard Suction (Lower by 10%)
  3. Hard Suction (Lower by 20%)
  4. Soft Suction
  5. Hard Suction + Bionic Silent Mode
  6. Soft Suction + Bionic Silent Mode

Kindly write a note on your order which suction level would you prefer to have upon checkout!