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Arley Z4 Handsfree Wearable Breast Pump

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Breastfeeding made simple:

no tubes, no bulk, no hassle!

Meet our sleekest, stealthy silent and most impressive pump yet: the ALL NEW Arley Z4 Slim Fit!

Malaysia’s most popular handsfree wearable breast pump is now back to basics!

*PM us if you need help determining your ideal size

*It is important to get the correct size to avoid discomfort/injury

*Use with non-wired bra

*Membrane and Valve must be changed every 1-3 months, or if it is damaged, torn or loose

*Only use with original, authorized parts. Third-party, non-authorized parts may present a health and safety hazard, may damage the pump, and will void the warranty of this product.

At Arley we believe that a mother’s breastmilk is liquid gold. It is vital for a baby and every ounce deserves the same loving care that a mother would give her child.

The entire pump and collection cup is meticulously designed and engineered to ergonomically fit into your bra with minimal bulk and weight. For added comfort, its breast shields come in different sizes for the perfect fit, and are made from food grade silicone that is significantly gentler on the skin than the commonly used plastic shields. Its silent operation keeps baby calm and its truly, tubeless handsfree design, so that you can move around freely

What’s new with the Arley Z4 Slim Fit?

Battery: 1200 mAh, up to 100 minutes

Suction levels: 15 levels

Modes: 4 modes

• Massage Mode

• Expression Mode

• Auto Mode

• Lactation mode

Dust cover for breast shield: Yes

Display: White Crystal Glow

Each Z4 Slim Fit Includes:

• 1x Z4 Slim Fit pump motor

• 1x Collection cup (180ml)

• 1x Dust cover

• 1x Gentle skin silicone flange (choice of 24mm and 27mm)

• 1x Silicone Valve

• 1x Silicone backflow protector membrane

• 1x Bra strap extension clip

• 1x USB type-C cable

Features & Specifications:

• 1 year warranty (T&C on arleybaby.com)

• Tubeless all-in-one handsfree design

• Advanced Air Pressure Pulse Pump technology

• Powerful suction of 260 – 280 mmHg

• Lightweight

• Silent operation

• USB Type-C charging (can be charged with powerbank)

• Auto Mode

• Intelligent safety (20-minute automatic shut-off timer)

• BPA-free (all parts that come into contact with breastmilk)

• Gentle skin silicone

• Next-generation anti-leak handsfree cup design

• Service Centre @ Emhub Kota Damansara