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Momcozy M6 Mobile Style Handsfree Breast Pump

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RM 699.00
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RM 699.00
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RM 699.00
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Pump the way you like

Woven over 17,500 hours of relentless research and development, Momcozy crafted the innovative Mobile Style™ hands-free breast pump, a testament to putting mothers first. This labor of love considered user insights, body design, material selection, and intricate details. With the Mobile Style™ by your side you can embrace the liberty to pump discreetly wherever life takes you - brunch with friends, retail therapy, meetings, or sealing deals with confidence.

  • 9 adjustable suction levels
  • 3 Modes: Stimulation/Expression/Mixed
  • Pump Dimensions:
  • 130mm X 114mm X 73mm
  • Pump Weight: 280g
  • Silent: Noise less than 50dB
  • Flange Size: 24mm
  • Bottle Capacity: 180ml
  • Container Capacity: 6.09 oz (you are recommended to pump within 5.07oz)
  • Vacum :max -285~-300mmHg
  • Maximum Usage Time:260mins/8~9 sessions (4~5 suction levels)
  • Shut Time: 30 minutes auto shut off
  • Charge Time: Approx. 2.5 hours with a 5V/1A power charge

We have such a guide exclusively to solve this problem of moms, you can check the guide on how to measure your flange size.

Please note, your breast size may change before pumping and after pumping, so please measure your size when you start pumping or the flange size may not be appropriate for you.